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Integrated Fridge Freezers

Consumers think Integrated freezers are a minefield and think it is difficult to get the correct size when looking for a replacement

There are basically only three sizes and the size depends on the cabinet doors

A 50/50 fridge freezer is around 1780 high and 540 wide and the cabinet doors are the same size

A 70/30 fridge freezer is the same size but the freezer is smaller and the fridge larger therefore the cabinet doors will not be the same size

A 60/40 is only 1440 high and has a smaller freezer

Larger fridge freezers are available as frost free or static (non frost free)

When choosing a replacement the following needs to be considered




static/frost free


We offer a full fitting service on integrated fridge freezers and  also happy to fit products that we haven't supplied but obviously the fitting charge is higher if we haven't supplied product


We are able to supply most makes of integrated fridge freezers






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